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bad start comeback to win!

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    After a disasterous start in this 10min game I was able to use my rook an knight to take out 2 bishops a knight and a rook then premote my pawn to a queen and after a few more moves and I was one move from checkmate the opponet let the 3 mins run out insted of resigning or letting me get the checkmate.

    obviously I started out horrible (really started going wrong with 9.Kf1) and salvaged any offen i could with my queen till we traded. I know bringing out my queen early is a no no but thought I saw a whole in his plot that turned into my own dimise. I felt like throwing in the towel at 14 Qxc3 Qxc3 15 dxc3... But thought I would go for it with an active queen and knight and see how far I got and the tables turned when I forked his rook and bishop 26. Bf4 Nd3 27.Rc2 Nxf4  and I was able to start a comeback from there. I have worked with chess mentor a great deal and realy learned to use the knights well and prefer to use them more than any other pice really. I am not stupid and I am not going to neglect te power of rooks and queens but I like using the knight. 

    so where are the big moves I missed? How would you have handled it and other than attacking with the queen too early and not having a defense in the beginning or developing what bluders do you see?   

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    The best moves are

    1. e4   e5

    2. Qh5 Nc6

    You first defend the pawn and then attack the queen. 


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