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Can someone analyse my best game?

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    I am a low level player and have been trying for over a month to beat someone rated over 1200 :P

    I finally did it :) And they weren't a beginner either :) Wohoo, i think i am finally starting to learn chess.

    Anyway, could someone please analyse my game? I had one analyses here before and it taught me more than my books.

    The game is here, sorry, i tried to insert the game into the thread but dont know how, here is the link: http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=414849758



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    cool, thanks man

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    It's late and I have neither the time nor the functioning brain cells to annotate/analyze at the moment but my first impression was that several times you answered your opponent's simplistic ideas with nifty, less-obvious ideas of your own. You were wide awake and saw all the pins and discoveries that gave you extra squares to work with... I expect your rating will rise to reflect your actual level of play if you maintain the standard you've set for yourself here. 

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    I'm not a GM or a very talented, I neither play a lot here but my comments will be:

    1. Qh5 is a big mistake, you are breaking one of the most standard rules at chess, using the queen too soon.

    2. You are not developing at all a piece. If opponent plays Nc6 you play Nc3 and he plays Nf6 you have to go back with your queen while he develops.

    3. Your Nh3 is not veryu useful, if instead you go for Nf3 you put pressure in middle and block Blacks queen to go to F2 attacking the king while Bishop protects it

    Glad you win, but your are not using any standard opening and having big mistakes. Your enemy is trying to give you a mate that I learn when I was 6 years old. However, +1 for castle, +1 for connecting the rooks, +1 for developing all your pieces, +1 for the pressure in right side.

    I cheer you to keep learning.


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    I think you should be happy enough with that performance but I think you could also do a lot better.

    Your opening theory is clearly lacking. As a beginner you don't want to learn too much complicated theory but I suggest you learn some basic principles. Opening principles that you neglected were developing your queen too early, putting your knight on the rim and failing to control the centre.

    Developing your queen like that for instance may work fine for you against someone ranked 1000 but most players ranked above 1200 are easily able to defend against an early queen attack and thus seize the initative. You may ocassionaly get a quick checkmate if you open like you do but most of the time you will end up behind.

    Tactically you seem to be quite strong though. Your 10 Nd5 for instance was a good move which many players of your level probably would have missed. You took good advantage of your opponent's mistakes as well. At your level tactics and making as few blunders as possible is what games are decided upon so focus mainly like that and you should beat more players ranked around 1200.

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    hello chess fan, firstly i would like to say nice game. The move 2. Qh5 was a move that in my area has been used for year by chess master bernard parham with over a 2100 rating. I myself have used it as a way to take player out of book openings. although i enjoy and study openings the understanding of what is going on it the given situation and correctly respond is the secret of chess. i will find some of his game and post them for your enjoyment but some can be found on chessgames.com

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    michael350 wrote:

    The move 2. Qh5 was a move that in my area has been used for year by chess master bernard parham with over a 2100 rating.

    Yes, but if he used a GOOD opening instead, he might be rated 2350 by now.

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    Parham has won game over grandmasters using this opening. And the opening is currently named after him "the parham attack" check out some of his games you'll enjoy them

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    Great game! Even though Qh5 was an unusual move, I understand that you were trying to combat your opponent's aggressive play with some aggression of you own. And, for the other commenters who criticized you for place your g1 knight on h3, you were preventing a Qxf2#. An amazing match, I believe.


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