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Can someone help me analyze this game?

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    Weird game, full of errors. LOL

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    Move 8, hanging knight. Moves 10-12, hanging pawn. Move 23, hanging pawn. Try to pay a little more attention to loose pieces.

    Tactics aside, neither side really seemed to have plans, but instead, shuffled pieces around waiting to capitalize on the others' blunders. White seemed to have the right idea of gaining a spatial advantage, but it seemed to have died around move 21. A better way to capitalizing would've been getting a rook to the e file, then aiming a bishop at e7 to provoke weaknesses. After securing bishops on d7 and e7, white wouldn't have trouble stacking rooks against weak spots, and massacring the remaining pieces with kingside pawns.

    Strategically speaking, black wasn't much better. Black moved the knight twice in the opening, and double-fianchettoed in a disadvantageous situation. As black later discovered, black didn't have much trouble blocking in one bishop, while black's other bishop remained relatively mobile. Black seemed to exchange pieces whenever given the opportunity, giving white lots of extra tempi. Finally, the thought of castling never even seemed to cross black's mind; black suffered from a cramped position as a combined result.

    If I were to suggest a general area of improvement, I'd say piece coordination and general strategy. Working on tactics never hurts, but many pieces seemed to lack direction in that particular game. The game wasn't bad on white's part (other than the dropped minor Wink), but it could be even better! Good luck.

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    What was the time control for this game? 

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    Thanks a lot.

    By the way, it was 3 days a move.

    The only reason I won was because opponent timed out.

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    3 days! what happened?

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