Computer Analysis - why the ? mark


I won a game by sacking my opponents queen. Afterwards I did a computer analysis to expose my mistakes, blunders etc. The computer analysis put a ? next to move 32 (R D1) which left my opponent no choice but to exchange his queen for my rook. Why the ? I think the computer analysis may need an overhaul.Am I missing something ?

I am not tech savvy so I don't know how to load the game with this post, but you can look at it under standard games. It is the last game I played on June 19th.

doduobird123 wrote:

Is that the game?

Yes thats the game. Also I'll check and see if I missed something. Thanks Andy


I think this is because computer prefers 32.e5 de5 33.Re4. That line gets +6,9 (stockfish 3, depth 28) while 32.Rd1 "only" +5,6. The difference of more than 1 is usually considered a blunder and marked ?

In your case, both lines give winning advantage but 32.e5 opens the position and can make converting your advantage simpler.

32.Rd1 is the second line given by the engine, it gave you a winning position so you may ignore the ? at this move.