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Computer Analysis Confusion

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    This is a game that I've played recently. When I received the results of the computer analysis, I was very confused. First at move 15, I pursued material advantage over moving Rd1, and computer calls it a mistake. Then at move 18, I moved Rd1 instead of pursuing material advantage with Bxb7. And computer calls that a mistake too. I can't tell if my timing was wrong or the computer is just kidding me around, please help.

    And the best part is when the analyzer says '(Mat +01, the play might have continued)' after checkmate Cool

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    I don't know what the computer uses to determine its "best" moves and pieve evaluations.  Here is a position from one of my recent games (I was Black). 

    The computer said that White has an 89.04 point advantage.  This position is a theoretical draw!

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    I don't understand. When I play against myself I always lose with black in this theoretical draw situation, could anyone please send a diagram for me?

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    8...Ka1 is the drawing pattern. If Qxc2 it's stalemate.


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