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Confused with d4 Pawn Push

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    Some take aways:
    1. Do not understand how to exploit exposed King
    2. Realize that I will see the reason why I can not advance a piece but do so anyways
    3. Left pieces undevloped. 
    Understanding of postional chess would be great help. 
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    Yes. At the end I was running quite short on time. But 9. a4 I had written in my notes as a potential move that I could of used instead. 

    And you are right 13. d5 I overlooked that. Overthought. I think just timid to push the pawn. But absolutely no reason not to.

    Looking again 13. Bb2?? Clearly not the correct move. 

    As for the king just because it seems like he is hanging out there for the potential of a pin doesn't mean it can be exploited? The board has to call for it right?


    Thanks looking at my game.

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    Still learning more about using pawns. 


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