I am confused.Hope someone help me ..

Black resigns in the following game and I can't find out  why..

can you spot the winning combo?


i don't no Rc1 or c6 might draw


Maybe it's just the dropping of the h7 pawn.


well , maybe black was less on time ,

thats the one thing they dont show on paper moves..


pehapes black dosn't think he can stp white c pawn if he was short of time


Was thinking maybe a typo 2Kd3 instead of 2Kb3, because after Rxh7 if black attacks c-pawn, and exchanges into pawn endgame it is lost. Black doesn't need to do that though, so even there win not obvious to me.


i checked it well TwoMove ,

it was indeed Kb3 there.

looks like it is a no solution problem..


Yes, you are right Kb3 was move found game now. Think idea is 2...Rc6 3.Rxh7 Kd6 4.Kb4 then pawn endgame is lost after 4... Rxp 5RxR KxR 6. Kc5. Otherwise white wins by moving king towards c-pawn to promote it. 2Kb3 looks slightly sadistic move, because 2Kb5 was more obvious way of going towards c-pawn. Looking at it now 2.Kd3 doesn't look very good at all Embarassed.


oh! TwoMove

maybe you found out... 

I never saw Kb4 & Kc5 by white...


looks like grandmasters can do otb, what I can't on even analysis board..