Defense against Blackburne Schilling Gambit?


I fell for the blackburne schilling gambit but it was a weird variation because black played a6 before initiating the trap. This is the game

He made a blunder when he blocked the check with his knight but if he used his queen, I could take his knight and we would be about equal, so I was wondering, what could he have done to defend against my counterattack? And how could I have improved my attack? Plus, I just wanted to share this game because it was pretty exciting Smile


This is an odd variation of that old trick- Black has played the odd ...a6, while white has developed a knight on c3. Anyway, 6...Ke7? loses to the simple 7.Bxg8 as a check from d5 is constantly on the air. He should have played 6...Kd8 when after 7.Ng4 this is a messy situation.

Your 7.Nd5+ is also good, IMO. 8.d3 Qxg2 9.Rf1 looks very good for white.

9.d3 looks preferrable to 9.c3 which you played. I still like white.

9...Nb5? is anti-chess. The horse had to go to e6, for better or worse.

Can you explain 13.c4? After something reasonable like 13.Bg5 Black almost has no move to play.


5. Nxd4 exd4 6.Qh5 Nh6 7.Qe5+ wins a pawn.

12. Bg5+ Ne7 13.Qg4 d6 14.Qh4 looks even stronger.

13. Still able to do Bg5+...

14.Qd3! Ne6 15.Rd1 is clearly better. 14.Qg4 just equalises after Qxc4.

15.e6? Just take the knight. 15.Qxd4.

16.Nxe7? Ne2+! and white loses the queen.

17.The same as 16. Also, what's wrong with just capturing on g7?




Anything other than Nxe5.