Defense against Blackburne Schilling Gambit?

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    I fell for the blackburne schilling gambit but it was a weird variation because black played a6 before initiating the trap. This is the game

    He made a blunder when he blocked the check with his knight but if he used his queen, I could take his knight and we would be about equal, so I was wondering, what could he have done to defend against my counterattack? And how could I have improved my attack? Plus, I just wanted to share this game because it was pretty exciting Smile

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    5. Nxd4 exd4 6.Qh5 Nh6 7.Qe5+ wins a pawn.

    12. Bg5+ Ne7 13.Qg4 d6 14.Qh4 looks even stronger.

    13. Still able to do Bg5+...

    14.Qd3! Ne6 15.Rd1 is clearly better. 14.Qg4 just equalises after Qxc4.

    15.e6? Just take the knight. 15.Qxd4.

    16.Nxe7? Ne2+! and white loses the queen.

    17.The same as 16. Also, what's wrong with just capturing on g7?

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    Anything other than Nxe5.

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