Did I have an attack?


This game was from quite a while ago, but I had to spend some time on the analysis. Basically in this game, my opponent helpfully locked up many of his own pieces for me and I started up an attack against his kingside; but found that I was unable to force through despite bringing all pieces over for the attack. In the end he made a mistake and resigned, but I'm curious as to whether I actually had chances of a successful kingside attack here and was playing too passively, or whether my apparent attack was an illusion in the first place.

Mostly I'd like to know if at move 13 or so, I had a chance of forcing through my attack...because at that point I saw no way to do so successfully and decided to bring my other rook over for support; but I'm not sure if that was wasting time. Also, around move 17, I had all my pieces ready for the attack, yet I was still unable to see a clear plan. Was there a reasonable attacking option at that point had White not tried to relieve the tension?

EDIT: Huh. Somehow despite spending a few days poking around in post mortem; it's only NOW that I realize there could have been some ideas with a e4 pawn push...gah, I spent too much time focusing on the pieces targeting the king. Haven't really done much analysis on it though.


The game looked closed making the bishops pretty much extra pawns. I would have traded the dark squared bishop for his knight before making the g4 pawn push. Then the attack on the white king is going to be that much stronger.