Difficult game


This is a recent game I played. I eventually won, but I feel that I missed some opportunuties. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the game:

Of course you have missed some opportunities such as 11.Nf5, it happens to everyone, but imo the most important thing is to find your weakness that you can fix.

From your opening moves I can see that:

1) You don't have interest in having double bishops. Having double Bishop means that you have control against all squares including those (color) that your opponent doesn't have due to his incomplete Bishop.

2) You don't have interest in creating an isolated pawn in your opponent camp.


19. Ng4...forks the R&Q. (...RxR+, 20.QxR , Qxb2 etc) You forked them on a later move anyway. Wink

22. Nc2 lost a p. perhaps better to protect your white B, R to d1?

23. Rxe5?


Nice game Pau , I don't see anything that sticks out.


23. Be4 looks better.
25. Bc4 looks better aiming at f7. The knight was guarding a1.
26. ... Qxd3 was correct.
27. ... a6 is a wasted move.
35. ... f5 exposes the king to check. Better was a5.
38. Qd4#


Wow. I missed the queen and rook knight fork.