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Exchange Sacrifice in Kasparov-Barua

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    Hi. I was analyzing Kasparov-Barua. 27... Rxd6 stumped me. Can anyone explain the purpose of this move? Here is the link: http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1633008 Also can someone tell me how to include a chessboard in a forum post? Thank you
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    If you're using the forums from a computer, use the Chessboard button and paste the pgn.  If you're using mobile ... I don't know if it's possible and I don't have a phone with which to check.

    In the game, White's Knight is a monster, easily the best piece on the board, and Black's Rook is paralyzed.  It can barely move, and there's no good square it can go to.  If Black doesn't trade Rook for Knight, the game will continue pretty much in the same vein, but it will be easier for White as his Knight is much better than Black's Rook.

    It should be noted that Black appears to have good chances to draw or create a fortress.  It’s definitely not easy for White to make progress, and White had to make many difficult decisions to convert the endgame.  Said another way, Black probably draws against most people … just not prime Kasparov.


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    On move 15. Why did Kasparov push his pawn to e4 instead of 15. Qxf7???
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    jaridb11 wrote:
    On move 15. Why did Kasparov push his pawn to e4 instead of 15. Qxf7???

     That’s not legal. If you mean Qxg6, black would take on e3 and that’s a very unfavourable trade for White.

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    @SmithyQ Thank you
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    did they play only once ? or any other game happened between them.

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    definitely meant g6. Im sorry. Thanks for the correction


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