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First Analysis Posting

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    This is a game against a superior opponent. It seems I had little chance from the start. Aside from the obvious mistakes, can anyone point out where I went wrong?  Also, the awful opening seems to be a signature of mine.  Any input on that is welcome as well.
    Any comments are appreciated
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    Moving your central pawns two squares is almost always better than one square because it gains more space for your pieces (you should have played 2. d4).  3. f3 unnecessarily weakens our kingside.  Better would be to defend the pawn with Nc3 or play exd5.  After Qd2, you say that since the pawns are pointing kingside, you should play on the kingside but his is only true in a closed position.  I think you should just play in the center which means advancing your d and e pawns.  You never tried to do this which gave black all the play.   

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    Great points. Thanks.

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    Your 6. Qd2 is a popular move that intends to move Bh6 to deal with the enemy fianchetto. 6. Qd2 Bg7 7. Bh6!? Bxh6 8. Qxh6 denies the 0-0 move for black and is a typical harassment weapon that you have. After missing this opportunity with 7. Nc3, notice that how black pieces start to get more attacks than your pieces. You should be more careful on those strategies to always have the upper hand against your opponent.

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    Good point. Ill remember that one. Thanks


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