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First time analysis

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    Try as I might my chess is pretty rubbish OTB. That 1700+ rating on turn based chess.com means nothing when you actually have to play real people! All the posts/blogs/books/videos Ive read say I need to go over my games properly, trying to find out what went wrong and why.
    This is my first attempt at analysing my own game and I was hoping someone who was reasonable (eg better than I am, which isn't hard) would be able to have a quick look at the game and see if my analysis is sound, but also if I am actually doing it right. Should I be doing more, am I asking the right questions?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hum, I took a quick look, here's what stood out:

    5... e6 is a principled move, and it can only be considered poor if the tactics don't work out in that position. In your variation, after 6. Bb5+ Bd7 7. c6 bxc6 8. dxc6 Bxc6!? I believe Black has free play for the pawn; White still has some work to do if he wants to show that he's better.

    7. Bb5+ looks risky to me. White is behind in development, and I believe 7. Bd2, getting out of the pin and threatening b4 is a safer choice.

    I agree, 8. Qf3 doesn't look good, 8. Qe2, 8. Nf3 or 8. Bd2 look better.

    After 9. Be3 the game went downhill. Perhaps 9. Bd2, preparing to answer 9... Nd5?! with 10. Nxd5 is better. Even then, 9. Bd2 Qd8 10. Nh3 looks better for Black.

    Finally, 12. Qh3 instead of 12. Qe2 was a last try.

    Anyway, maybe analysis by a stronger player will point out holes in my analyses, but hopefully this helps.

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    Hi Phmilet,

    Thanks very much for a having a look over my game. it definitely helps. I think the idea behind Bb5+ was to open the king side quickly for castling, I can see how Bd2 is better, and opens the queen side for castling anyway.


    I will have to have more of a look at e6 but thanks for you comments. Time to see what the computer thinks.




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    Why not 7. b4 for the fork?

    Didn't castle.  Bad.

    I'd have gotten rid of that pin sooner, as well.

    Black should have done 19. ..NxNe2 to set up the Queen/King skewer

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    b4 in unavailable because after 7. b4 Bxb4 the Bishop cannot be taken. 8. axb4 Qxa1 losing the Rook.

    Completely agree with the rest though

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    Can't say I agree with 19... Nxe2.

    19... Nxe2 20. Qxe2 Rxe2 21. cxb5 Rxb2 and yes, Black is up a knight (as he already was before Nxe2).

    However, the text move is much more decisive:

    After 19... Qxb2, what can White do?

    A) 20. Qxe5+ Nxe5, and say, 21. Re1 Nd3!? threatening both Nxe1 and Nxe2 followed by Rxf2

    B) 20. Qxf4+ Qxe2+ 21. Kg1 Qe1+ followed by a back rank mate.

    C) ?

    I don't see any hope for White after 19... Qxb2!


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