Game Analysis.



This is a game I played recently. In the middle of the game, I got an advantage. However, in my complacency, I made a huge blunder, one that lost the game to my opponent's connected passed pawns. Please help me analyze this game so that I may improve. I know that, ultimately, the blunder cost me the game. However, there are still other things and ideas I can learn. My opponent never lost focus or attention. That is a true quality of a champion.


I'm probably not strong enough to provide hugely in depth analysis. It does seem to me like your opponent was in a far better position with their bishop pair to your two kinghts. Your knights seemed to spend their whole time in the bottom right hand side of the board. I think you probably could have used them better. You also seemed to be a bit laidback about those pawns promoting. You didn't seem to get your knights over there very quickly. I think this game shows the limitations of knights in the endgame.

What was the time control of this game? To improve I beleive it is best to play longer games with a good increment. This would help to stop your blunders due to time


as notsure says im not strong enough to analyse properly but 13 bxf4 doesn't seem right to me. You say it's to create a weak fpawn for black, but it isn't that weak. It has nothing attacking it. Getting the g pawn to attack it would merk your kingside even more and getting the queen to attack it just invites ...bh6 or g5, making it harder to shift. It also stops you from developing your other knight properly. Obviously you got back into it as the game went on but black had chances. I think the ending would have been drawn had you not blundered your rook. But hey, that's chess.


The time control was 30 minutes with no increment. Sadly, by the time the blunder occured, I had like 5 minutes to his/her 8 :(