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Help analyze this game?

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    I don't like to submit wins, but it seems like i did enough wrong in this game for there to be a lot to analyze. I think my opening was strong, but I almost lost the game in the midgame. What could I have done better?

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    nice analysis Paul

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    Ok i will make this real simple!

    You were hoping for an attack in that game against the king early. The both of us know better. At your level i recommend moving on towards the Queen, even more so when it has not move off the original square. Get a rook on that file. Nothing happening move on to the Rooks most likely nothing but an option. When in doubt check to see if you can some pawns.

    Ok That is your Plan A game. Say your opponent prepared for this. Move on towards Plan B.... getting your pieces as close to your opponents King as possible. This will get results as something has to give and you can get back to Plan A unless you see think you see mate in a couple moves.

    At your level Plan C, risky! Start trading off some Minor pieces to get a clear view at your opponents King.

    Hope this helps you in situations in the game when not sure which strategy to play.

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    Thanks for the good advice. My play in the middle-game is usually much worse than it is during endgames or openings, and I am trying hard to fix it. All of Paul's advice came from move 10-20, which showed some of my faulty play, but he certainly helped me understand how to do some of these things better. Also, Royal's advice about plans I should use seems interesting, and I will try that during my next game.


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