help me analyze my Scandinavian loss


I lost this 90 min over the board game as Black mostly because I got into time trouble and blundered.  I stopped writing when I had three min remaining and my opponent had about seven. 

White's 2.e5?! allows black to get a type of French defence where the light squared bishop is out of the pawn chain.  It's pretty much an equal game however, white is rated +1800 and i'm around 1680, so it's not surprising that he won in an open position with the clock expiring.  Anyway, hope you could help me out and post an opinion.  Thanks.


I thought the old answer for 2. e5 was 2...c5, keeping d4 under control and stranding the e-pawn way out in the center.


I think if anything because your bishop was out of the pawn chain you had the advantage  something like a french advance on blacks perspective and you probably shouldn't have captured on d4 so soon and kept the tension. My guess is 7...Be4 threatening to remove one of the d4 pawn defenders


Strange question in a way as jumping to the final position you don't seem at first glance to be losing. 61. Rh2, Kg7... now what?

I've only flicked through but my impression is that you misplaced your knight 9..., Ng6. Your opponent was quite accommodating in letting you come to f4 but what if dark-squared bishops aren't exchanged or he simply plays g3 at some point? My instinct would be to try and free up f5 for the knight and start ganging up on the pawn on d4. Maybe you originally put the knight on g6 to pressure white's pawns with f6?

Can someone explain why the final position is a loss? It looks like no progress can be made.


is it zugzwang? any rook move except rd2 hangs a pawn, then if rd2, then Qe3 wins a pawn, right? a queen move either gets mated or hangs material. thats crazy! im convinced there is no move white can make without making his position worse.