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Helping with the analysis

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    So I played black here, and I played in this position Rc8. My ldea was to kick his queen and gain control on the open c file, however according to the engine it says its inaccurate move and I should've played g4 instead. Can someone help me with the logic behind g4 pawn push and what does it accomplish?

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    And also how do I post the whole game here?

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    g4 sets the pawn majority in motion and comes with the threat of Qh4+ and g3. The threat itself is easily dealt with, but that gives Black time to march his pawns down the board.

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    Oh ok I get it, thanks buddy. So Rc8 is inaccuracy becuase now he can move his queen to e2 and then if I play g4 he can meet the check with Qf2 so I wont be able to check and play g3 with a tempo?  

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    29...Rc8 is the first move that comes in mind but 29...g4 is very strong and there is no easy defense for white.

    If 30.g3 then 30...h4 creates more problems.

    If 30.Kg1 , then 30...g3 and White is in trouble but the analysis of the positions reveals some surprising and very interesting resources.

    Very interesting position!       

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    ...g4 is the fastest win. Of course, ...Rc8 also wins so it isn't a terrible inaccuracy, but your queen needs some air and ...g4 provides it to great effect. Your queen and g pawn become very powerful and white will lose very quickly.

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    Thanks for comments they were really helpful!


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