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The deciding game of the 2010 Polite, our first cup!

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    What is the point? Black has just too many lucks. I remembered when I beat Chessmaster with combination resulting in Q versus my minor pieces. The idea is that once the minor pieces are well coordinated, a Queen cannot do much against them. But in this game, the imbalance is not created intentionally. It was a mistake, and the Queen is definately stronger.

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    Any top level games with such endings does anyone know?

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    Carlsen_2800 wrote:Any top level games with such endings does anyone know?

    R+(K/B)+2P versus Q, can be considered equal, but depends on the pawn structure. The Queen will be more active trying to fork and taking down pawns when the board is still full, so the one with minor pieces should coordinate his pawns and pieces while providing shelter for the King. It is usually better if the pawns are not scattered. The one with more pawns will look for way to advance his pawns while providing well coordinated structure.

    Towards the endgame, the Queen may lose all the pawn and usually become the defender, trying to prevent pawn promotion.

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    wow very nice game thanks!Laughing I thought the queen wud run out checks, but a very exquisite stalemateTongue out! Anyone got other unique endgames they know of? I've heard of 3 minor pieces vs queen as one of the rarest endgames.

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    There are a lot of them in the Megadatabase, where you can filter by the endgame type. I choosed the one that clearly show how each side should be handled. In that game actually, White started with having a bigger chance to win, but Ljubomir is just a better player imo.

    But may be this endgame is rare in beginner level because they don't understand. I have several time found out during my game, that my opponent had a chance to smack me down by swapping his Queen with my minor pieces, but he didn't.

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    Really? I didn't know this. Thanks.

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    Any more comments?

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     neat trick with double bishops!

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    two nice game examples there.

    Love the struggle in second game...

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    Just updated with computer analysis. Think it's better nowCool!

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    Any one know the theory behind rook + minor piece? On hindsight I do not think that the game was bad at all for black. Undecided


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