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How is this game drawn by repetition?

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    lol yes i posted this when first got online. A guy was able to draw a game i had won because of this rule. It hasn't happened to me again since that game. I was a little surprised to see people commenting on it again.

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    I used to be a Draw Master (think i already posted that... other thread?)

    Bla bla bla then i started convering games that would start to go into that direction into wins. Later i just was good enough not to have to venture on that line.

    I agree about it not happening again and i promise that i will not ..... I took the time to look it up that rule which i should have done a long time ago. But my last draw was a win. By that he was about to mate me then i check, check, check he thought i was going for a draw. I thought i might get the win after i checked him 30+ times avoiding repetition. I can tell he was amazed at my skills to do this. 2nd nature as i remember some of my Draw Master skills when i was a kid. About the 40+ consecutive check after waiting to trick him into a favorable postion ....Draw. lol

    That add on to the repetition rule got me. I was looking over the game for days wondering what happen. Later forgot about it as my other games were getting tough.

    Saw this thread ..... thanks to the person who created it as it made me look up the rules.

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    A player declares a draw if the same exact position is repeated three times (though not necessarily three times in a row)

    "FYI: the rules are clear cut. Our knowledge and awareness of the rules is what is sometimes foggy."

    " it would be hard to notice a strange repeat of position"

    I have say Judge in now does this person represent me in this case now or in the future. Never saw him or had any connection whatsoever. Your honor i rest my case.

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    I have just been 'stung' buy this rule. I had a rook and a queen and was about to get checkmate in the space of a couple of moves.My opponent only had a queen left and then just blatantly repeated his moves (my king had no alternative square to move to each time)  until it became a draw.

    Now - is this,

    Clever Play on his behalf, knowing that that was would defintely happen OR Foolish play on mine, leaving myself open to this rule? For someone with a decisive advantage, it doesnt seem at all fair (like the kid taking HIS ball home when he losing during a football match!)

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    No, it is more like you are saying that the losing team should go ahead and forfeit instead of playing the last few minutes - as if a comeback is bad sportsmanship. If there is a drawing chance, go for it! Likewise, just because you have a material advantage doesn't mean you can plod your way to checkmate, you've still got to play your best!


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