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I can't believe I won this game! So happy right now!

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    WISH_I_WAS_A_GM wrote:

    You know, nothing personal but using stockfish when your rating is below average is not necessary because computer analysis is used to correct the slightest inaccuracy when you have more than that to improve.

    My rating used to be about 1250-1300, but I stopped playing for a really long time and it dropped.

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    WISH_I_WAS_A_GM wrote:

    Also cant believe I won this game or why I won.


    Um... because... due to... because... well... POTATOES!

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    What happens after 30. g6? Black can't defend.

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    cornbeefhashvili wrote:

    What happens after 30. g6? Black can't defend.

    You are right. Forced checkmate.


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