I couldn't solve it whatever I did

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    k-scope wrote:

    think this may not work if on being checked blacks K moves diagonally towards f8, white runs out of checks?

    Hmm, I believe I thought of this in the parenthesised bit where the king moves instead of promoting his pawns.  If the checks cannot be continued and Black's king threatens one or both rooks, the rooks should move on the opposite side of the board and the game will still be won.  I may be misunderstanding what you mean, though, and I confess that other posters in here have a better idea of checkmating in this situation.

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    Rember that in many situations letting black get a queen still leads to a win/ also giving up a rook for both pawns still wins

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    enjaytee wrote:
    how about these lines?

    nope...any queen will stop the two rooks at some point

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    ifoody wrote:

    WTF I solved it, do you just choose to completley ignore it?


    not a convincing solution.

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    delagarza1 wrote:

    Oh, somebody did think it up

    much too overconfident for wordsTongue Out

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