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I played a game i think i could have won. Please help with human analyze

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    I played a rapid game (20 min + 2 sec/move) I had an advantage but it ended with a draw but I think i could have won. Please help me to analyze the game. 

    Please help. Critic is welcome!

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    i feel like you could have won the d pawn if you played Nc2 on turn 28 which would have forced them to push their pawn up to save it and then you just swing your knight back to b4 and as they have to push forward again to keep the pawn alive youjust activate your king to attak the pawn

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    It seems you have already found some clear improvements like 23. Re7 and 30. Rd2.

    One thing I'd like to point out that 32. Rxf6? seems like a terrible mistake trading your perfectly good b-pawn for black's halfdead f6 while also giving black a dangerous passer on the a-file. After a better move than 34... b5? (Rd2+, a5 come to mind) black might well try to win. Instead of Rxf6 I'd suggest 32. Rd3 with a probable draw.

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    49) Rxg6?  I think it is still a draw though, this just forces some play to get there, allowing black to goof it up or think away his time.  Of course, white could also fumble it or run out of time.  Its not a winner, its a game extender.


    I think you nailed it.  Rd7, preventing (or making pointless) his Rb2 would have given you a far better game.

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    Thank you for the analysis:-)

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    Too exchangey when it doesn't matter and not aggressive when it mattered.

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    isolated pawns are generally liability in endgames. instead of capturing the d-pawn with your rook u could hv tried playing Rd2. Then bring your king up to put pressure on either d-pawn or the h-pawn. it ll be complex to do it right but if black makes a slight mistake(which is entirely possible in such complex scenario) u ll hv an easy win.

    or try something like this, objective being his reduced mobility.


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