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I'll Analyze your games- *details inside

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    Develop first!

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    for the variations in the RPS vs Crab game when you dont say anything are you implying those to be alternatives or just better.

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    usually better : )

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    ok thanks just asking so I'll know in the future =)

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    Neat KID game, I found the variations at the beginning interesting. Would Bb2 be useful by any chance, around moves 26 or 27?

    Edit: Also, how do the plans of each side change (instead of typical kingside vs. queenside attacks) if white decides to release the tension and break in the center early on? Something like 9. dxe5.

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    around move 26-27 White is already up a rook. I think anything wins.


    if White plays dxe5 then Black equalizes immediately. Black's aim would be to play something like Nc5-e6-d4, and play around the dark squares.

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    I see, thank you. Hopefully I can become a bit less clueless about the KID some day...

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    Play the King's Indian by Joe Gallagher. A bit outdated, but that'll get you started.

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