Interested in the endgame MOSTLY....



Strange that I don't know this but does a bishop and 2 connected passed pawns beat a rook?  If not, then the endgame you went into isn't a win.  As you suggested, 44.g3 is a much better try.  Allowing his king to get to f4 and weakening the black squares makes the draw too easy.  He blows it later of course.

So in answer to your original question, I do think g5 is a win.  Your knight is not on the best square but I believe you can play g4 and improve your king and bishop and then something will give.  It probably wouldn't be that hard to win it once you get your pieces on the right squares. 


thanks streetfighter...For some reason I hadn't even thought of sacking the knight.  BUt, it is pretty simple now that you mention it.