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Interesting French Steinitz variation

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    Hi guys, I've recently played a game on Correspondence chess and managed to win on time, but the Opening was rather strange, and I never played against it before.


    Heres the game


    Please let me know what you think of the game and this interesting variation. Thanks!
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    Why did black give up a rook for nothing?

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    Take a look at 11. ...h4+

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    cornedbeefhashvili wrote:

    Why did black give up a rook for nothing?

     Did you read the annotations? Possibly for Development. Besides, that what this topic is about.

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    7...c5 was an awful move

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    I played this in OTB as black for a short while but I used to play 7...a6 not 7..c5?. 31.Bxa6 was a nice tactic winning a pawn. After 7..c5 white has nearly a 70 percent score.

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    I'm just thinking as I checked the database and this is theory, so to me its interesting.


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