Kasparov vs deep blue game 6


If you didn't know Kasparov is an expert chess player and deep blue was one of the very first super computers in history. The creators of deep blue wanted to see if a professional could beat deep blue. Deep blue won the first game Kasparov won the second game 3 and 4 were drawn and game 5 Kasparov won. In the 6th and final game Kasparov won officially winning the series.


That is a very nice game. Thanks.

Some people might go beyond describing Kasparov as an "expert" but I guess it's true enough.

The 1996 match was humanity's last gasp.

Can't quite see why the computer resigned at the end. What do you think? I can see Qe7 by white coming to trade queens, but then why did Kasparov play 42. Rb2 and 43 Rb4  ?




43... Qd7??

44 b7! (forking two rocks) Ra7

45 bxc8=Q Qxc8


Black is currently in partial zugzwang. If Black moves the queen to d7 then b7 wins.


Sorry I confused this by posting d7 originally. I meant Qe7 coming from white.

Thank for all the analysis.