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Kravtsiv vs. Kononenko 2006

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    what was interesting about this game was the misplayed rook endgame. Mind you, the players here are 2379 and 2472 respectively playing within a standard time control tournament in real life.

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    Hi, Billy. (...!...) . You so crazy. Wink


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    that is really interesting, brankz, how players of that strength misplayed that rook endgame in the context of a standard time control tournament game. It really does provide some much needed perspective on certain things. 

    (hey did you ever get rid of the flying mutant coughrapericunttdykkeziwikcough-frog with lasers attached to its donkey?)

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    I know, brankz, isn't it interesting how players, IMs in this case, went wrong multiple times in this rook endgame? I was surprised myself. I had no idea just how complicated these things are in reality!!! who knew!!!

    (no, it's still there. staring at me. (I think it wants my you know....))

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    seriously, brankz. they really are that complex!!! going through that endgame again and it's really opening my eyes to things. especially given that the players were 2379 and 2472 and it was a standard time control tournament game. 

    (oh, sorry to hear that. sounds extremely awkward having a closeted coughrapericunttdykkeziwikcough-frog with lasers attached to its donkey who wants your you know... constantly staring at you like that)

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    Yeah I see what you are saying, brankz, about how it's likely impossible to play these endgames well with only a minute or so on the clock (especially if there's no increment) unless you are above 2200 strength (and even then....). I like that analogy too because it is kind of like one of those things that you shouldn't really use unless you know what you are doing or you'll just be futzing around while making no real gains or worse yet you'll hurt yourself. if you just want to have fun though, then there's nothing wrong with it of course (this site does rock!!!). it's also why when someone fights me to a drawn or nearly drawn rook or king and pawn or queen and pawn endgame in the context of no increment internet blitz I really don't feel like I have any right saying anything about them as what happens after that point is just well.......yeah.

    (well I would at least try the fennel-earthworm-sassafras bomb. it could work?!?? maybe. but I do really like that song. oh I finally remembered those songs we were talking about but whose titles kept eluding us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPoEA43cqKc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxkgvvJiLqs)

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    I know, brankz, it's so true right. and this example isn't even the best one I've found. you can check my other posts for more supporting evidence about this. or you could just pick up GM John Nunn's endgame books. man is that guy thorough and objective. 

    (that song is just perfect. because the closeted coughrapericunttdykkeziwikcough-frog with lasers attached to its donkey who wants my you know...really doesn't even know me.) 

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    true brankz. I really should read those. 

    (I would totally kill the coughrapericunttdykkeziwikcough-frog with lasers attached to its donkey who wants your you know... if I could.  and that reminds me of a another song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWmkuH1k7uA dripping with sarcasm of course)

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    yeah you should, brankz. Nunn's endgame books are totally worth it. I would recommend going through "understanding chess endgames" first before tackling "Nunn's Chess Endings Vol.1 and Vol. 2" (Vol.2 is just about entirely rook endgames, half of Vol. 1 is king and pawn endgames) though. 

    (funny. it's like how many closeted people do you know that you just don't say anything to because you want to be nice? right. ridiculous. (the worst is when you have closeted gay guy and a closeted lesbian who are married). they are always so shocked when you tell them you already knew that since forever. reminds of this closeted lesbian I knew who was obsessed with beyonce. drooled whenever she saw her. no joke. it was funny because at first she pretended to be mocking beyonce's songs even though it was obvious she freaking loved them. fast foward a year or two and she's blasting beyonce with no shame no thinly veiled mockery involved. beyonce is so smart; she knows she has a horde of rabid lesbian fans (many of whom are closeted) and she caters to them i.e. "If I was a boy" lmao)

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    I think I will read his books, brankz. sounds like a good idea. maybe that'll really increase my strength by a lot. 

    (that's hilarious. so true in regards to beyonce. I don't think she's gay herself though, like you said she just knows that her fans are well.... did you know she either did or was going to do a lesbian movie a while back? marketing genius right there (queen beyyyyyyy!!!!! lmao. you know that's a lesbian thing right? queen bee? so funny. people are so oblivious). she's the real successor to madonna's market really. all these white girls fighting for that not realizing yeah it's gone beyonce has it just stop)

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    you should. they are incredible. what seperates them from other endgame books is the fact that he makes a point to draw only from practical games shunning idealized examples. he has this thing he says about "reality intruding into theory" that's worth thinking about as it's true with so many other things (economics for example, hi idealized assumptions that don't actually exist in the real world) why wouldn't it also be true for chess?

    (yeah I know. it's funny really because you have all these lesbians who don't realize they're lesbians but beyonce knows they're lesbians (or her "people" told her this) and so ok here's one I call "if I was a boy" lmao. gawwwwddd. she just released some huge album on the internet right? didn't she also do the superbowl recently too?)

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    I will, brankz. when reality intrudes into theory. I like it. 

    (true. she snatched that ish right from under them while they were pulling each other's hair and scraping eyeballs!!! they didn't even know.....sneaky beyonce. she's like a ninja.)

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