Like to hear your feedback


Ok guys so this is another of my recent games. My opponent was rated over 100 points above me. I thought I played the game reasonable well so I would like some feedback on wether I was on the mark with my decisions or wether my ideas were flawed.

While playing the game It looked to me that my strategic aims should be controlling the centre as he lost his pawn structure in the centre and controlling the open files with my Rooks.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



My first thought after f4 is to keep the tension but f5 is annoying and he can get some play so I like opening stuff up with exf4 followed by d5.  Your move is not bad though, you hurt his pawn structure although you're a bit cramped for the moment.

This is a logical move, and I like it when players make it a point to finish their development by connecting rooks when they have a chance.  My other thought is to aim for the e pawn right away with 12...Nd7 and Bf6 to fight for e5 and from there you can start to pressure his isolated e pawn.  If white can't make use of his space or your d pawn soon, I think he'll be worse off.  13.c5 makes use of his pluses right away, so it's interesting.  (If you capture then e5 pushes your knight way back).  White gets to target the isolated d pawn (if he can capture twice on d6 after 13.c5).

Good :)

What do you mean gives black too much center control, you're black right? :)  I like this because now 15...Bf8 and the main feature of the position is your pressure on the e4 pawn.

This is more risky as now d6 is a target for white.  If he plays 15.Nxf6 and 16.Rad1 then it's really feeling the pressure.  Yeah you can take on b2 and it's not so bad for you, but it's just something to notice -- 14...Nxd5 I like better.

Now 17.Bxf6 doubles your pawns.  16...Rxe4 seems to just win a pawn.

Yes, a mistake, you exploit it.

Excellent logic, good move too.  A piece down he doesn't want to trade, but there's no way to avoid it.  Also with less pieces as you say your king is safer, so all that space around him will not count for any advantage.  You will go on to win easily (and you do!)


Thanks waffllemaster for taking the time to review my game and for posting such helpful comments.

15. if I take his knight he will recapture with is pawns putting them right back in the centre again. That said on reflection I now see with c6 I can destroy them again.

Bf8 would have been a good move. I thought it would be a bad position for it but as you pointed out it would reallty help to attack the pawn and threaten the Queen.



Oops, I meant Bf6 to be on a long diagonal and hit e5 to make e4 an immobile target.


Good game :), dont forget to post a lost game aswell. Lost games are usually the games where you can learn the most from your mistakes.


Greetings Tim