List of brilliant moves?


Hopefully this one gives Analytics of that game to Basic members:


Most of the "brilliant" moves I've seen have looked pretty ordinary and obvious to me.

I think this is the only "brilliant" move I've played. 30... Qb6.


I read somewhere: “Brilliant move simply is Best move, only hard to find for analysing computer. Human players find it often easily because of intuition/experience etc.”


Here are some:


Serge400 vs. the_chess_child | Analysis -


That should be a joke, my post got deleted again..


 I had this so called 'brilliant move'- a Rook sac on F6 for a Knight against a lower rated player(-100). Don't know why it was 'brilliant' as it was the most obvious move there. Anyone even rated around 800 would have seen it. How many times have we done a sac like this?      LOTS meh.png

Nothing 'brilliant' about it guys- thats just a standard move against a weaker player. Even if the King didn't take it was still game over. Nothing to be proud of tbh. I'm just a mere patzer.

RinasSam wrote:

Here is one:


RinasSam... 10.Bfg5 (Blackmar vs. Farar) is a good move?!



Yeah, getting a brilliant move is no easy feat, you need to make a move that a computer wouldn't think is that good if you didn't play it. It is the true best move. 


Here's a brilliant move: Move 19. Qxa6. I don't get why it's brilliant. If you do could you please tell me? Thanks in advance.


I have a few brilliant moves in some of my games. I have posted here one.

Ironically, I got so excited after this, that I eventually lost the game. I have few more brilliant moves and happy to discuss on the same.


I once had 3 in one game but they were nothing special tbh just the obvious moves I thought at the time.

Moves 65-70-71


Here is one