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    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows whether there is a book or a software that deals strictly with amateurs' games against Masters, IM or higher.

    Reason why is because I would like to understand how a superior player wins against simple amateurs who lack positional understanding of a game.

    As an example, I would like to see games between 2200's or better against 1600-1800's or thereabouts.

    Of course these games would have to be part of Open Tournaments that take place all over the country...

    Thank you for taking the time to help in this area...

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    Well, one way of finding games between Masters and amateurs is to look at simuls. You can search the net for simul games. Here is an example, Tal Simul - 1988 in the MetroWest Chess Club in New England:

    From this site:

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    Silman's The Amateur's Mind comes to mind. Most of the content involves Silman playing training games against his students from positions that arouse in master games. He had his student's think outloud, so most of the book is devoted to showing their flawed thinking. Of course this does not involve real amature games against masters, but it does show why amateurs are not masters.

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    Thank you for your suggestions.

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