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Maurill OTB - Game 1 - Sizilian French Variation answered with KIA

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    Hi all,

    here is my game from yesterday in a german league. My rating is ~1600 DWZ (Deutsche Wertungszahl), my opponent has the same one. I suggest the main problems in the first moves, were I lost soon the activity. Comments are very welcome!

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    I can not fully see the problem, but your comments on the pgn notation seem retrospectively acurate, however I can not find an alternate solution.

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    Isn't the main idea in the KIA to keep the q-side locked down as long as possible and attack on the kingside? You seemed to have opened up the q-side and let loose both black bishops while your was inactive.

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    Sounds good, but how does this work here? e5 allows Nf5.

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    More comments would be great. Thanks.

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    [Event "?"]

    [Site "?"]

    [Date "2013.11.17"]

    [Round "?"]

    [White "Maurill"]

    [Black "Another guy"]

    [Result "1/2-1/2"]

    [ECO "A08"]

    [Annotator ",Herki"]

    [Plycount "103"]

    [Sourcedate "2013.11.18"]

    1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d3 Ne7 4.g3 d5 5.Nbd2 g6 6.Bg2 Bg7 7.O-O O-O 8.Re1 { Bringing the rook to a potencial half open file and making room for Nd2-f1. - That's ok. But if you played rook there, you must think about opening file. Else, if file will be stuck, rook is misplaced.} 8...Nbc6 9.c3 { Controls b4 and d4 against the Nc6 and the diagonal to Bg7. - What about rook on e1 and bishop on g2. They are dead now. There should be plan to relive them. Even taking on d5 seems good. } 9...b5 10.Qc2 { Making place for a later Rd1. Have to look for a further threat by Nc6

    after some pawn exchanges. - What? There are urgent matters, opponent is anecting space, You are being pushed, and You have time to think about d1 square for rook? Seems you have no plan and just waiting. That's very passive.} 10...Qb6 { After this move, I consider my position as

    very passiv. 1. Nd2-f1 gives no perspective after d5-d4, the field e3 is

    controlled by black. Nd2-b3 looks unpleasant after a7-a5. I will loose tempi

    after a5-a4 and the knight is still undeveloped. 2. Bc1 is still

    undeveloped. 3. Rooks aren't connectet. 4. Qc2 feels displaced. - Ok. You have passive position. That's a given. So where is your plan to change it? Opponent get queenside. So maybe think about anecting kingside or center. Prepare f4 or anything else. Need to get active.} 11.Nf1 { If tension in the center will be dissolved, Nf1-e3 will follow. Additionally,

    Bc1-d2 works and rooks are connected. - It's wishful thinking. Your plan depends on your opponent. } 11...d4 {He get you. Now rook on e1 and bishop on g2 are frozen.} 12.Bd2 { 12.cxd4 would me left in a

    more difficult position because of 12...Nb4 13.Qb3 a5 14. a3 a4 15. Qd1 Nxd3 } 12...e5 {Dead frozen} 13.Qc1 { The plan was next Bh6 which... } 13...Rd8 { doesn't work now. If in the

    next move Black does dxc3 I will loose a pawn for nothing: ...dxc3 Bxc3 Rxd3;

    dxc3 bxc3 Rxd3; dxc3 Qxc3 Nb4 -Bh6 works. If he won't let You exchange you can go with queen on kingside and try attack there. } 14.a3 { Provides Nb4 so I can retake with Queen

    as followed. } 14...dxc3 15.Qxc3 a5 { Threatens b4 and Ba6 with mor play a pressure

    for black. } 16.Be3 { The only possibility in my opinion to get some initiative. } 16...Nd4 17.Rac1 { More pressure on c5. } 17...Qb8 18.Qxc5 Nec6 ( 18...Nb3 19.Qxe7 { and White should standing better. } ) 19.Nxd4 Nxd4 20.Bxd4 Rxd4 21.Red1 Bf8 { I overlooked this move and I knew that the bishop pair and the room give Black

    the initiative, if not a winning position. - Who have more pawns? You. You can sacrifice one to get active. Easiest way is to get knight on d5. Knight there is a monster, he needs to kill it. Propably he will get your pawn too, but he will lose pair of bishops and let your bishop on g2 get back to life.} 22.Qc2 Be6 23.Qe2 { The queen

    will be soon under attack by bishop on b3 or rook on c8. } 23...b4 24.axb4 Bb3 25.Re1 Bxb4 26.Nd2 Be6 27.Red1 Rd7 28.Nc4 { Only move to get activity. } 28...h5 { Black prepares a fork by Bg4 which is unpleasant to answer with f3 because of/

    the open diagonal a7-g1 regarding king safety. Here I saw the possibility to

    get more activity and I played - How about Bf3. Your bishop is stuck anyway. And in that way you would not lose tempi. } 29.Qe3 { for the threat Nb6, winning material

    and go out of the black threat Bg4. } 29...Rd4 30.Qg5 Bxc4 31.dxc4 Bc5 { b2 is lost

    an the pawn a5 will go to promotion. I must attack. } 32.h4 Rxd1+ 33.Rxd1 Bd4 { I think Black lose a tempi here, taking b2 with Queen is better. This gave me

    time for } 34.g4 Qxb2 35.gxh5 Qxf2+ 36.Kh1 Be3 37.Qe7 Bc5 38.Qg5 Qf4 { After this move I knew the game is over, no chance to force anything. After

    Rc8+ the backrank is unprotected and the black Queen manage the win. I decided

    to play further to give my opponent the possibility to make a mistake. - You could play hg6 and gf7+. That way you would have more pawns in drawish endgame. (Opposed colored bishops, even with rooks seems drawish here.) } 39.Rd8+ Rxd8 40.Qxd8+ Kg7 41.hxg6 Qc1+ 42.Kh2 Bg1+ 43.Kh3 Qe3+ 44.Kg4 Qf4+ 45.Kh5 { Of course fxg6 is mate now. I saw it. But my opponent was very

    excited of the game and really nervous in his chair... } ( 45.Kh3 Bh2 ) 45...Qh6+ 46.Kg4 Qxg6+ { and he failed to get the point. } 47.Qg5 a4 { If there

    would be a black pawn on c5, the pawn on the a-file would promote. } 48.c5 Bxc5 49.Bf1 f6 50.Qxg6+ Kxg6 51.Bc4 Be3 52.Be6 { The bishops prevent any

    advantage for the other side, so the game was a draw. - I did not comment every move. Hope you'll enjoy anyway.}


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    Thanks for your comment. Could you please edit it and insert it as pgn? It´s difficult to read.Thanks again.

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    Comments in game after "-".



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