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Me vs. Palatine

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    This is board 1 against Palatine.  It was a very interesting game, and it was very closed.  I don't think I played completely accurately, so advice on how I could have done better would be helpful (even though I won).  I was black.

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    Nice way of finishing him off!

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    Nice game

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    Nice game

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    Nice Game, seemed pretty accurate.

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    Not sure, I think on move 3 just ...dxe4 should be OK. Follow with Nf6, Be7, 0-0 and so on, simple and good chess. Play d4, then e5 is like moving only pawns, is not bad, it feels a bit weird. Also, after 6. ..., Bd6, I think c5 for him is interesting, forcing you to play Bxc5, but then Nxe5 by him, and your d4 pawn is a bit advanced.

    Later on, after a3, you must play a5 straightsaway. Don´t let him play b4 and open the queen side (he did it very wrong: from the strategical point of view b5 is not good, but a5-a6 is just a mistake and a very bad plan).

    b4 and bxc4 will give white the "b" file to play and generate counterplay. When you say you were thinking about Nxe4, don´t do it. You have all your pieces looking to the king side, you have a pawn break (with f5 at some point), you have al the time in the world to set up pieces, there is not need to think about sac stuff. You did it ok, probably a bit more preparation would be better (like move the a8 rook away from the long diagonal).


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