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    Stop posting guys, I just realize he made this 6 years ago!

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    The thread is dead and he didn't even bother to inform.

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    this thread is dead now if you want to post go here:

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    The Squid and I: The question isn't, "How did I lose?", but "How did I WIN?!"

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    1. e4 e5; 2. kf3 kc6; 3. d4..

    Как лучше отвечать черным?

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    This was a quick 6 move 5 day per move game. I would really appreciate advice on my thought process. Thank you.

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    grandmaster56 wrote:

    This is probably one of the best games I've played.


    Hi grandmaster56, I'm quite a low level rating player so I can't analyse your game.  I actually came on here to ask if it was possible to post games where the two players or at least the opponent is anonymous.  I wanted to post a couple games where folk have resigned because I was playing boring chess haha and I just wanted to see if it was true and what could I do.


    I had a look at your epic game though and wow you don't do boring, opening, middle game and end game all in one.  There was just a couple things bugging me and it might be because you were playing for fun.  At 30 did you miss a fork with the rook and at 39 you are 8+ points but black gets back in the game with just a rook?  Bugging me because you were so far ahead so quickly then the killer move didn't come till a promotion around move 70.  I can't play end games so I never get past move 40 normally.


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    Ladya79 wrote:

    The Squid and I: The question isn't, "How did I lose?", but "How did I WIN?!"

    Is it because with the pawn move you have basically trapped all the pieces on the bottom file and your extra pawns would prove decisive?


    Bishop takes pawn, rook takes rook (check)  bishop blocks rook, other rook moves to bottom file preventing the king and rook from moving away from protecting the bishop?  That was just a total guess, does look a close game to resign but if Squidd's end game is like mine I can understand.


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    I guess I can put up what I feel is my best game. 

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