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Move by move analysis by Fritz 13

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    Dear All,

    I really enjoy the games from World Cup Chess 2013. One thing that I really like is the move by move position evaluation by Houdini, so it is clear for me, the beginner, the real condition of the board. It is clear when the board are equal or when the board provides advantage for one side. It is also clear which move is actually a blunder that cost a player the game.

    Is there any way to do that kind of analysis in Fritz 13 since I have just purchased this software ? I play some online chess games with wins and losses. I just really want to know, for example if I lose the game, when exactly I started to mess up or make a mistake that cost me a whole game. 

    I did some full analysis for my games with Fritz 13 but so far   i did not find move by move analysis. Fritz only highlighted when I comitted a blunder or a really good move, for the games that were relatively equal I haven't found any.



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