MSL Conference Round 1


This is my high school conference meet at board 1.  Round 2 and 3 will follow.

Good Game Zane!  How could I have played better (this question is for anyone who sees this, not just my opponent)?


by the way I was black 


Close game. Just gotta say Zane, you won by luck xD


thanks hiro ;(


Black lost so he was not lucky.If u play bxn do it at #4 ,pawns get doubled up. Trading the c pawn for your d is not helpful,if u go for d5 have a c6 to assist and b. at b7-why exchange an active b. for his in-active b.? Play for a plan or idea that has threats involved-do not just exchange pieces. You play o.k., keep working on your game and results will follow. Good luck


Thanks eddy