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My first try on the Russian game

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    Hi all,


    Here I am sharing a daily game (3 days/move) that I finished recently. I did some analysis which, as I am very sure, far from good. If you have some analysis or thought on this game, kindly share them.




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    Yes, a nice game. The move 31... Bd3! was strong i think.

    31.Bb4 did nothing to prevent this. Even 31.Nf3 Bd3 32.Nd2 is not working, since 32... Re8! is winning the poor Bishop on e1 or the pawn on c4.

    I think White should've tried 24.Rd1 Nc5 and now 25.Qxa7 (25... Ra8 is not working due to Qxc5).

    I like your evaluation after move 25. The pair of bishops is much stronger than the misplaced white light pieces. Blacks compensation is more than a pawn.

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    @Jenot, thank you for sharing your thought. I have a question. In your opinion, which move actually gives Black the starting of the convenient position? Is it the the 26. Qxb7 as I suspect?

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    I think your first move after the opening was a mistake.

    17...g5 can't be a good move.It weakens the king and f5 and achieves nothing.

    He can play 18.Bg3 if he wants to keep the bishop on the diagonal.

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    17. ... g5 is inaccurate, indeed.


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