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My first win over a FM

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    Very nice game! I wouldn't have had the guts to play Nd5 in a real game, but it looks very effective.

    Considering your idea, I think 14.h3 would have been strongest. Point is that the knight's only safe square is f6 and then Qc4 where he will probably have to give up f7 with check (he can give back the piece on d5 to avoid this, but after that I think you just have a solid positional advantage). Plus depending on where he moves you might play Bf4 before taking on f7, playing on the fact that your queen is currently active on c4.

    If your opponent just played 15...Nf6 you would have interesting ideas with Ne5 d5 Qa4+. And I think your analysis is right in that 18. Bf4 instead of Bg5 seems glorious. In a GM game Black might consider resigning after Bf4.

    In your analysis after 21. Bxd7 you would obviously not play Qxd6 (Qb3 instead) but I think you are right that it would free Black up too much.

    I think you could play the nice little in between move Qxg7 after b5 (and probably even the next turn). And axb5 was possible for a while. But overall very very well played sir.

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    You're a madman ricki, haha Nice game my bro

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    As black had decided on the Ng4 line, then a6 is a waste of a move.  In which case Bb3 would probably lose.

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    Oh and on move 17 nd7 had to be played to block the check instaed of the bishop because of qxb7 - rd8, ne5. Also bf4 was so good I think bg5 might now be a blunder, it looks good with the follow up but as seen it doesn't get enough and also black didn't have anything to do anyway bf4 with rd1 next move would probably have given me the checkmate I really wanted to find.

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    Where did the game go??

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    I see no game.  Awe, was looking forward to this one!


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