My Rematch Game


This is an interesting win on my side, I think my opponent just blundered a couple of times. I lost a game against him before, but this was a rematch.

Could you please comment and analyis? Thanks in advance.


Your analysis on move 21 is incorrect. You give: 21. Bh4 Rh6 22. Bg5?? Overlooking 22. Qxg8+

Why not post your loss instead of your win?


sure, I blundered a lot on the first game, he blundered a lot on the second game, sure ill post my loss, when I have time, :) (tomarrow probably)


I think 4...d5! wins a piece. It is usually a bad idea to develop the queen so early


madhatter, I totally don't see what you're talking about 4. ... d5 5. Bxd5 and I can't figure out how black wins a piece.


5.......knight e6 ?????????????????????????????????


I thought so too