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Nearly Draw Against 2000+

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    Here is a game I played against a strong player,I lost by a pawn diffrence.

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    1) 2000 on chesscube is not a strong player.


    2) going into a lost R&P ending is not "nearly draw". Not even in the same ballpark.

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    I swear I have seen this exact endgame before and just spent half an hour fruitlessly searching for it. It is (unless I remember wrongly) DRAWN!

    What made me remember is this: 41...Ra4+? 42. Kg5 (draws!) Ra5+ 43. Kh6 and shuffling the rook along the sixth, since black's rook can't move without dropping a pawn. If the black king marches west to his pawn the rook checks him all around from the g-file, e.g. 43...Ke7 44. Rg6 Kd7 45. Rg7+ and spamming until black gives up, or even 45...Kc6 46. Rg6+ Kb5?? 47. Rg5+ Kb4 48. Rxa4 Kxa5 49. Kxh5 with a win!

    Seriously, deja vu. If you trust my memory, I think it was FancyKnight who found the line.


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