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Please Help Me With This Game

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    EDIT: Sorry guys, I deleted this game because the thread is getting fairly stupid. Shouldn't have made it in first place

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    I don't really understand why you find instructive playing the engine.

    This is not an interesting or instructive game.The engine blundered a queen on move 11 and then blundered more and more instead of trying to fight back.So all the game is 11 moves which you played reasonably well.Play higher level and lose if you want to improve(or play real people which is even better).

         One thing only that it will be useful to know.After 6...Qb4 there is a trap that appears in many openings.You could play 7.a3 and if he takes b2 then 8.Na4 traps the queen so he is forced to withdraw his queen.

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    its really hard to judge anything from this game because the computer was so horrible.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    I know, black played very badly, but again - there was nothing I could've done about it. I guess it just came to my favor.

    I'll try playing harder difficulties though!

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    I agree with the others... there's nothing to judge over there, I seriously recommend you to play online. wink.png

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    There are several reasons to comment on a game, but they could be summarized in two: Because the development is useful for the spectator who reproduces the game, or because the comments reveal methods to solve complex problems, such as those that occurred in the game.

    Since the engine plays bad since move 2 (!) and drops material too soon, no such thing as complex problems appear in the game. If anything, White's 3rd move.

    The opening's goal is mostly to develop the pieces to, as a whole, coordinate active play against the opponent's position. Most promising plans imply developing active play on the center, as this also prevents the opponent from doing the same against you.

    Then, White's 3rd move (3.d5) shows you're not aware of the above. Should White have played 3.dxe5 instead, then Black'd have had to choose between playing a pawn down or recapturing and exposing his Queen to White's minor pieces, which will develop towards the center with tempo, by simply attacking the opponent's Queen. 3.d5 (the game's move), threatens nothing and allows Black to develop in calm with ideas such as g7–g6, Bf8–g7, Ng8–e7, 0-0, f7–f5, Nb8–d7–f6, etc., etc.

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