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Post Analysis?

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    At the chess club, when I post analyze a game or any game either it is my game or someone else I always try to see both sides of the board.  There is a club member, when he post analyze with me on a game I played, he tries to beat my game even if I won the game already? I thought post analysis is for both sides to improve the game for a future use?

    Any comments anyone?

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    What is your question exactly ?


    When analysing a game in which you have played, you often have some bias about the position according to how you felt during the game about it. That's the only reason for which you would try to play on the side you thought to lose at the time, to see if that bias is grounded or if the position was in fact holdable or unclear.

    But otherwise, when you analyse you look at both sides of the board... All you want is to remember some ideas from the game (or the sidelines in the analysis) that you could use in future games - the fact that you played it matters only to see what you usually miss.

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    If someone can't win the game, then "winning the analysis" is considered a consolation prize.


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