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Practicing my unbalanced games....

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    Game I played on facebook.  Obviously my rating is lower there than it should be(just started playing there).  Please don't tell me what opening I should be playing.  Any thoughts on the game are greatly appreciated.  Especially some sample play in the a5 line that white should have played
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    I played black by the way

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    What is the difference between Rd3 on 18 and 19?

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    haha....absolutely nothing.

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    It doesn't look like he can play Qxd3 anyway because after 20... exd3 21. Bxa8 d2 wins his bishop.

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    yes, true true.  I of course saw that as well. 


    And I thought my vision was coming back :(

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    Although the rook and minor piece ending is interesting as well.  I think white might still have an advantage because after a4 the rook gets really active.  Luckily I do have those kingside pawns blockaded. 


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