Qf3#?? Checkmate as a blunder?


It was a MATE IN ONE with Kc6, but he missed it played another move, although it was a mate in 6, it definitely was a blunder with respect to that.

TIGERSintheNIGHT wrote:
We have to kill the f2 pown than it will be the correct checkmateπŸ¦‹

Hey! It won't be a checkmate by killing f2 pawn

Try to figure out why!

December_TwentyNine wrote:

The Black Horsie is dancing around "Fra! La! Laaaaaaaa!! Protect happy Ponds!!!" Singing a happy song.

Meanwhile, the Black King is pouting because he know that the White Queen is going to go to FULL MOON on the next move.

Oh yes darling. He knows it all right. But it took me 1 minute and 21 seconds to see it!!!

First I think that maybe the Rook can go to Tampo when I offer Rook to him so he can Haz Rook.

The trainer said, "That was a good move, but there is a better one. Please answer again."

Then, I finally see that the White Queen go to FULL MOON BIG TIME with QxR, KxQ then FINALLY the Rook go to Tampo to the King and delivered mate.


Your first line made me believe that you were black and going to checkmate with knightgrin.png

Nice puzzle though!


Oh!! Hunnie yes it's good that you believe in good with Mate with Knight, some people SHOUTING NO GOOD if you say "Mate with Horsie" and they go to full moon BIG TIME. Because to mate with Horsie definetly requires one to be wearing the Knight Vision Goggles. happy.png

Regarding that puzzle, I was merely poking fun at the correct responses needed in order to mate with a Rook, I did forget to mention that it was White to play.

Glad that you figured out my cryptic post!!! happy.png


Yea, this is the problem with mobile, it kinda sucks. That's why you should use chess.com on a computer.


I don't use my phone for anything but calling and texting, and an occasional GPS directions to a place I've never been to before - especially a residence.

I was fine with a flip phone but I have to use the iPhone now that the flip phone stopped working. I just don't care, I'm not on it all day like my co-workers are. Oh, I do use it as a watch too, but there's no need for that at work because there's a clock on the cash register. Every now and then I have to fiddle with it to add robot-calls to the blocked callers lists. I can literally leave my phone and home and I'll make it through the entire day with no problems.

Besides, the screen is too small and it's such a hassle to type on. This is why they make MacBook Air - you have a keyboard so you can type, a mouse to move the cursor and a large screen too!!!

How do you beat that?


i don't


Nc6 ++ was miles better.