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    Wow, ran across this post today, looking for some advice on game analysis. Had not ever thought about posting any of my games, but after reading this great forum, I might consider.  I was trying to see where to post a question. Hopefully,  I can do that here. 


    Is there anyway to have moves time stamped?  I tend to lose many games on time and in reviewing my games, I'd like to see where that time was spent.  Then, maybe I can take a closer look as to what I was thinking, seeing, or considering at that point.

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    I agree with all, except #2. Why can't you learn from your opponent's mistakes. 

    Often times at beginner and intermediate level, many games are won, even though you don't deserve to win them. So, you might have lost a pawn in the middlegame, but your opponent blundered a mating net in the endgame, much later. Then you need to find where you made a mistake while losing your pawn.

    This happens very often at begginners level, and intermediate (like me!)

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    IN my opinion, you can learn from your opponenent's losses too.

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    Man, the OP has been here for 9 years!

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    SO? started in the 1990's

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    oldest forum? 9 yrs ago

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    I'm new here - how can I use the computeranalyzes?

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    Me best chess player. Kiss me

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    awesome guidelines....thank you for sharing such a great information...

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    Can I pause during the game analysis?

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    3 Queens and 6 pawns??  How is that possible anyways Cool

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    My life history is a case of “been there-done that” thing, which in many ways is so much more valuable

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    I annotated one of my games but when i posted it, it never saved my comments. can someone help me here? what did i do wrong? Thanks

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    I am American and most postings probably come from the USA. You need to understand that analysis is USELESS unless it is done by a master or near master. What we, you and I,  think is ALWAYS wrong and not helpful UNLESS a master goes over it. If there are no contributors of that caliber here, you are wasting your time! 

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    !!    An extremely strong move, often game winning.

    !     A great move

    !?    A speculative move, possibly strong but more analysis is needed.

    ?!    A dubious move, prossibly weak but more analysis is needed. 

    ?     A bad move

    ??    A blunder, equivalent to hanging a piece.

    +-   White is winning.

    +/- White has a significant edge.

    +/= White has a small edge.

    =     Equality.

    =/+  Black has a small edge.

    -/+  Black has a significant edge.

    -+    Black is winning.


    I love this.

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