Rook Pawn Vs. Rook


Hey all, this is my first post to the chess forums regarding a game. This is the first game that I have drawn by insufficient material and I had a couple questions on it. I played as black and the opening was four knights, fairly typical.
What I'm specifically curious about is the endgame. I had one rook against a rook and a pawn. I have not done a lot of endgame study yet so I felt that the only thing I could have done was go for a draw which I'm pretty stoked I managed to do. Is it possible to win as the rook in an endgame like this, or was I in a "draw or lose" situation? Could anyone point out (if possible) where I could have altered my play to evoke a win, if that were possible. The match is posted below.

Fezzik wrote:.

These two positions are absolutely essential knowledge! I rate this far ahead of knowing the name of the opening you played.

Thanks for the info! To be honest I've just started taking chess really seriously and given that I was at the beginning - to me I figured getting some openings under my belt was a good way to "begin". Now that I've had a few rook and pawn endgames I can definitely see the value of learning this material. Thanks for the mini-lesson!