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Seeing an enemys tactic, letting him waste moves to set up a good attack

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    "very important i move here, I think every continuation from here is winning for black?"

    Well, only if he takes the rook.  I think he has to bail out with 11.Nd5+ and 12.Rb2

    White also has that possibility a move earlier i.e. 10.Rb1 or 10.Rc1

    His only other try is 12.Qxd8 followed with Rd1+ which would work if the knight can escape / white can get castled and coordinated... but I wouldn't count on either of these happening so black looks dominating.  Although this is clearly better than 12.Qc1 which loses on the spot.

    Good eye for the attack.  Indeed Ke7 was a move black had to see.

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    Queens Gambit Declinded: semi-slav variation. Very common to see today. 


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