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Tournament Game #2: a pretty attack with a missed win

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    This was another game I recently played OTB. Enjoy!

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    I'm not sure I like your willingness to trade off pieces after you hang the knight, as with each trade, white's advantage increases. At move 21, I'd say you at least have a little bit of fight left.  After move 35, I'd say that black can resign. :\

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    Your move 18. You should have checked with the knight.

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    ( 19 ).....Qe6 !....and your still a pawn up.

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    @ Biarien, ur probably right,but i was hoping for a lucky "trade-off-the-pawns-and-draw" (it didn't work)

    @ secwidit 

    @ inotgramps i actually considered this in the post game analysis, but i don't think it is nearly as good as the given variations.


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