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Novice alert! Unsure where to begin

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    Have you tried chess.com analysis? Also are you white or are you black?!

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    I think the point the posters above are trying to make is, if you develop the king side first and castle, you should run into less problems, as attacking a castled position is much harder than when your king is in the center. Good luck

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    Although time consuming, yes. You should be looking for better moves for both yourself and your opponent. 

    I found the best way to improve was to fully annotate the game with alterative lines, blundercheck the game and the lines with an engine and then redraft the annotations. Unfortunitly I no longer have the time to do this, and never had the time to do this with every game I played, so my own play has stagnated and atrophied.

    I guess with this game you should be questioning your compensation with best play.

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    Awesome, I didn't really expect anyone else to do this for me. I just wasn't really quite sure what a comprehensive game analysis contained. To someone new to the game, analysis is just a word. You can't look for something if you don't know what to look for - although I understand how it might look like a silly question. Thanks for your help, I'll give it a go.

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    Try this course if you have access for it: http://www.chess.com/chessmentor/view_course?id=444 I think it will benefit you a lot.

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    Seems you got yourself into trouble in the opening.  A few things I noticed. It's much more sound to finachetto the light squared bishop and try to control d5.  It would have been especially useful in this game since black played an early e5 permanently weakening d5.

    Your king got stuck in the center.  You probably should have just taken on d5 instead of allowing d4.  On top of that you put your knight on f3 which blocked the advance of your f pawn.  Between those 2 things your position became extremely cramped and tough to play.

    I think after you played nf3 and Ng3 black already has a crushing position.


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