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wcc game 11

  • #1

    two weeks back i played some of the anand kramnik games.(certainly it was very good)

    but i could not get why anand did not move 22.Qc7(he moved Qd2 exganging the Q)

    please help me out

  • #2

    maybe just time pressure or human error he is human after all!!!!

  • #3

    Bxb2! ends the back rank checkmate threat, and threatens checkmate as well. In other words Anand would have to trade Q + P for R + B, 

  • #4

    if he was to move 22. Qc7 then 22.Bxb2, 23. Kxb2, 23. RxQ! then game would be over! hope this helps

  • #5

    game 11

  • #6

    thnx every one. i got it now


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