what is the best way to play chess?


Attacking or defending really puzzled here need urgent help?

please answer me!


At your level, choose a move that makes a threat above one that doesn't, all other things equal.  This will screw up your opponent more then defensive moves.

But honestly, this probably isn't your problem at an 800 rating.  You can reach a 1400 rating just by rarely leaving a piece undefended, being able to spot one move checkmates most of the time, and being able to see when a piece is in a position to be taken (en prise) most of the time. 




I play through Tal, and Petrosian games, and a mood comes over me. I decide from there.Smile

azeimer wrote:

Attacking or defending really puzzled here need urgent help?

please answer me!

The correct answer to this and most of these type of questions is it depends on the position.

EDIT: Wait, you've already posted this question. Why ask it again?


Stop abandoning games when you're lost for a start, your sort should be banned






tonydal makes an excellent point. You could be a chart topper with those numbers, making millions of dollars. Perhaps you should keep to your current strategy. Laughing

Seriously, as White, play 1.e4 e5 2.d4 exd4 3.c3 - The Danish Gambit. It will keep you on the offensive and build your tactical muscles.

I have logged 444 live games so far. My blitz rating peaked recently at 902, but then fell to 812 do to playing while almost asleep, so I can relate with regards to the playing stength of your opponents. They don't know opening theory, at all.

Learn a few clever opening lines ( perhaps gambits) that will keep them on the defensive and you will do fine. But be wide awake when playing speed chess! 

Hint: You do need to play more than ten moves for the chess.com engine to analyze your games. It will explain all of your good, bad and ugly moves.

One example of me playing The Danish Gambit after just a few attempts with this opening. I made several mistakes, but was able to keep my opponent on the defensive, and I won.


musikamole, in your game, 16... Nh3 is a mate in 3

birdboy1 wrote:

musikamole, in your game, 16... Nh3 is a mate in 3

An excellent eye for the smothered mate. Smile

I got lucky and could have lost on 18...Nf2#.

I did make several mistakes in this game, as did my opponent. My point was to show how gambit play can be one way to keep your opponent on the defensive. It is not instinctive at my level to see a queen sacrifice as a winning move. That is where tactics, tactics and more tactics exercises are needed to have these patterns pounded into the brain.




Have control over each move. That means, If you need to switch positions, in order to control other pieces, do so. Also, Play majestically and artfully. Defense is the best offense. I hope that helps.